P A S T   P R O D U C T I O N S

Spring Awakening

Thesis Project

Scenic Design: Kevin Loeffler

Lighting Design: Bryon Winn

Costume Design: Patricia McGourty-Palmer

Forever Plaid


Scenic Desgin: Erik Diaz

Lighting Design: Shon Causer

Costume Design: Elham Khavari


by Basil Kreimendahl

Scenic Design: Kevin Loeffler

Lighting Design: LeeAnn Yeckley

Costume Design: Maggie Blake

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Choreography/Music Direction

Director: Scott R.C. Levy

Scenic and Costume Design: Lex Liang

Lighting Design: Jonathan Spencer

“Director Nathan Halvorson manages to breathe energy and
vitality into every musical he directs.  As seems to happen with all the musicals Halvorson has directed, “Trailer Park” doesn’t have a weak link in the cast. As a director, he knows how to play up his actors’ strengths, and pull full-tilt performances from each of them.” –
Bangor Daily News

A Year with Frog and Toad

Scenic and Costume Design: Lex Liang

Lighting Design: Jonathan Spencer

“I consider your production of SPRING AWAKENING to be the best thing I've seen at UI Theatres in at least 5 years. Everything just came together in a haunting and magical way -- the set, lighting, music, pacing.... and some of the most stunning stage pictures I've seen in a long time.” – University of Iowa Faculty Member

“Director Nathan Halvorson has done a great job here, developing a strong ensemble and finding a way to keep the action interesting and engaging throughout. Despite all the time spent sitting around various dinner tables, the play never seems overly sedentary or static. Even the moments of stillness are kinetically charged, and that's all on Halvorson.” – The Maine Edge

I Do! I Do!

Scenic Design: Edward Matthew Walter

Costume Design: Jenny Nutting Kelchen

Lighting Design: Paul Collins

Halvorson’s gift is that he knows just how broad to make the
comic moments without turning the show into a parody of itself.  The
show lampoons a lot of things from dentistry to capitalism to true
love, but it maintains a loving reverence for musical theater, as did the director.” – Bangor Daily News

© 2013 by Nathan Halvorson